Arrival & Dismissal


Thank you for reviewing our arrival and dismissal information in order to keep traffic moving along and our students safe! 

Morning Mile gym door # 16 opens for K-6 students
  (For student safety, please drop off curb side and NOT in the loading dock area.)
7:35 Safety Patrols arrive for duty and enter door #28 
7:40 Front circle closes for buses only (except cars with a special pass)
7:45 Students may enter double glass doors around the school (#6, #12, #24) 
  Preschool enters door #12 only for parent sign in
All student report to the cafeteria 
Breakfast is served
8:00      Students may enter classrooms
8:10 Tardy bell rings
8:15    Front circle drive re-opens for visitor parking 

Drop Off
- The traffic lane nearest the building is drop and drive only (student should exit the car independently from the driver’s side)

Enter left lane, drop your passenger, return to the right-hand lane, and drive on.  While in the left lane, get as close as possible to the curb so traffic is able to pass on the right. Remember to use your turn signals to indicate your intentions.

Walking to doors
If you wish to walk a child to the building, park in the parallel spaces provided.  When parking in the parallel parking on the right, pull all the way into the parking space to allow traffic to pass behind your vehicle. Parents may walk the child to the exterior door but may not enter the building.  Staff members and patrols are on duty at 7:45 to help students enter the building through the perimeter doors. 

Anyone staying as a volunteer or to take part in a scheduled conference must enter the building through the main office and sign in as a visitor at the front desk


 1:00 PK  Deadline for early withdraw for PK students           
 1:30 PK Dismissal for PK at main entrance door #1
 2:30 Deadline for early withdrawal 
  Getting phone in messages to students for dismissal 
 2:40 Front circle drive closes to all traffic except buses and cars with a pass
 3:10 Student dismissal beings (see pick up location for each grade level)

 Grade Door Number 
Preschool #1 (1:30)
Kindergarten    #5   (older sibling of K-3 students exit door #6)
1st   #3   (1st grade older siblings exit door #3)
2nd  #6 
4th-5th  #23 
6th & CDC #25 
Bus riders  exit door #1 and are escorted by safety patrols.

- All perimeter doors are
exit-only during dismissal except for the front door. 

- Any student/parent entering/reentering the school must use the front door: #1 and sign in.

- Please park in a parking space
(NOT alongside the CURB) if you plan to let your child stay and play. 

Anyone who is staying as a volunteer or to take part in a scheduled conference must
enter the building through the main office and sign in at the front desk.

- Please send a note to you child's teacher EACH TIME there is a change in dismissal plan. 

This is a map of the exit doors at Holston View.

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